Step-by-step Guide to making your first Workflow

Getting started

Step 1: Signing in

Step 2: Connecting your apps to Scribe to build powerful cross-application workflows.

On the integrations page, choose the apps you want to build interactive Slack workflows and connect them with a few clicks

For instance, let’s say you want to link Gmail.

Step 3: Go to Dashboard to Create your first workflow or “Scribe”!

Step 4: Building your Scribe workflow

4.1: Set rules
4.2: Configure how you want to see the alert in Slack AND what actions you want to take for the event

Step 5: Setting Up the Action Buttons

Now, here you can tell what actions you want to take in Slack!
Note : Some fields are required. For example, if your Action is to reply email, you'll need to map “ Thread id with Thread id, Email text with Email text, and To email with From Email”.

Step 6: Choose the Right Channels for your Notifications!

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