AI Sales Assistant to Crush Your Inside Sales Goals

Scribe lets your sales reps automate top-of-funnel sales conversations, booking demos and updating your CRM, so you can scale your sales conversations and forecast accurately.


Scribe AI Assistant
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Does Your Team Love Slack?

Are your reps missing follow ups with hot leads? Get critical alerts on Slack.

  • Customize Salesforce alerts.
  • Get priority emails in Slack.
  • Do more activities.

Amaze your sales leads. Respond within seconds.

  • Smart replies, suggested instantly.
  • Customized as per your sales templates.
  • Reply with the click of a button.
  • Personalized as per your lead information.

Inaccurate forecasts hurting you? Want 2X the CRM compliance?

  • Update Salesforce from within Slack.
  • Create tasks and log activities via Slack.
  • Proactive reminders to update Salesforce.

Doing Account Based Sales? Want all stakeholders to be informed?

  • Create a shared channel in Slack per account.
  • Send all account related emails to that channel.
  • Send all Salesforce data to that channel.
  • Close deals faster

What Our Customers Are Saying 

"At Finly, we wanted to scale outreach without making our reps' lives miserable- and we got exactly that! Thanks to Scribe, our sales reps have been at the top of their game, saving close to 2 hours everyday yet giving every prospect the attention they deserve. Great work team!"
Veekshith Rai
"Super pleased with the Scribe's suggested replies. It has allowed us to significantly increase our ability to launch outreach campaigns while keeping our costs under control."
"One of the major component for Xeno's growth hackers was to engage and nurture leads which lead to higher conversions, but most of their time was spent on qualifying the lead itself. It’s not that Scribe simply booked more demos and saved us time and money doing it, they made our entire sales funnel more efficient!"
Ayushmaan Kapoor

Who We Are For

Inside Sales People & Teams

When leads respond to your outbound sales campaigns, send them smart replies instantly with the click of a button. Update your CRM directly within Slack. Scale your outbound conversations by 3X.

Email Marketing Teams

Collaborate on a shared inbox with your team, on Slack, so that you never miss an important reply. Ask your colleagues to help edit your replies, when you want some inputs.

Founders Doing Cold Email Campaigns

Collaborate on a shared sales inbox with your team, like (Psst: my real email is Stay updated on sales progress and help answer questions from leads.

Scribe Works Seamlessly With Your Current Sales Workflow

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