Slackbot for your human in the loop workflows!

The most configurable assistant to collaboratively manage your inbox, CRM, Calendar as well as any human in the loop workflows.

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Slackbot For Your Human-in-the-loop Workflows!

Shared Inbox in Slack

Unlike other shared inboxes, Scribe allows you to configure exactly which emails you want to share in Slack. You can further reply, archive, set personalized reply response templates and more. You can also create contact/lead in CRM, send calendar invite to the email sender and so on with a few clicks.

Shared CRM in Slack

Get instant notifications on a lead status change, opportunity update, deals closed/won etc and celebrate with your team members with a digital gong! Scribe powers a bidirectional integration with Salesforce allowing you to manage and stay on top of your sales game without leaving your favorite platform!

Shared Customer Support in Slack

With Scribe you can route all your customer support emails to dedicated channels and create tickets right within Slack. Scribe also integrates with Stripe so that you can stay on top of your customer subscriptions and respond to any event within seconds

Trigger task pipelines in Slack

In under 4 minutes, you can start sending custom event alerts using Scribe's webhook support. Attach this with custom HTTP actions to take dialog inputs and trigger the next task right from Slack. Now, you can trigger your next ML job or code deployments right from your phone in just a couple of clicks!

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